• T-FIT Boot Camp

    strength, stamina, power, functional training
    T-FIT Boot Camp


    Coach Tillison has designed his own challenging and fun T-FIT boot camp experience for groups. This course is intended for men and women of all fitness levels and allows each individual to progress at his or her own pace. It achieves quick and noticeable results using a combination of intense cardiovascular and weight training. Coach Tillison is present at all times to instruct and provide motivation and support; his enthusiasm and humor are compelling and contagious. T-FIT Boot Camp is addictive to participants because the goal is to achieve incremental progress and the emphasis is on each participant’s potential, not their limitations. You can expect the following immediate benefits of Coach Tillison’s T-FIT boot camp: • increased strength • increased stamina • increased metabolic rate • heightened athletic performance T-FIT Sessions are held at Eleven Lakes Brewing Company 10228 Bailey Rd Cornelius-NC